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  • cornerstone pre styler

    The cornerstone Pre styler provides foundation and hold across any products that you use with it. Be it a oil based pomade, UWB pomade, clay, matte paste, cream, on and on, you will get more bang for your buck while using this to style.

    What it is:

    A product for body, volume, and hold.

    What it is not:

    A traditional gel. It does not harden, does not add shine, and it does not necessarily give a large amount of texture (although with some hair types it does provide some).

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  • cornerstone cologne

    Our intent with this fragrance was to bring the fragrance from our Cornerstone Prestyler to you in a Eau De Parfum strength fragrance for for the daily driver!

    Notes are as follows:

    Top: Black Currant, Pineapple, Bergamot, Pink Pepper

    Middle: Jasmine, Patchouli, Spicy Mint

    Base: Oak Moss, Ambergris, Sandalwood, Lavandin

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  • $16.00

    “An all in 1 nourishment and repairing oil that works head to toe to completely rejuvenate everything it touches. It works on the hair/scalp, beard/skin, elbows, hands, feet, creaky doors or whatever! 

    If its on the surface of your body, the Grooming Oil has something in it to help nourish it. Use It to smooth out and refresh your hair, repair dry hair, or assist with dandruff. In regards to styling, you can use it to prevent frizz, or poofy hair, and make dry products easier to apply. If heat protectant is your bag, theres even some help in there for that as well! “

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  • $17.00

    Hold Strength: Firm

    Finish: Matte Finish

    Hair Types: Thick/Thin/Fine/Straight

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  • $17.00

    It was designed to be both effective in the hair for styling, as well as nourishing the hair and scalp. It has a smooth and creamy consistency to allow for easy application and styling, but its sticky and tacky to hold it there when your ready. On top of that, its made with over 10 different oils and extracts including Hydrolyzed Keratin Protein, which results in smooth and shiny hair while also reducing frizz and flyaways. This pomade will literally heal your hair and scalp while its holding it in place.

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  • $18.00

    This revolutionary product can be used anyway you want-Pre-styling, Post-Styling, it can be used by itself (as both Pre & Post styling), or with any product you wish! This is not a foam like you have seen in other product lines, that only offer “sea salt effects” or smoothing in the hair. This foam offers a large helping of variable hold, thats lightweight in the hair, with a natural finish that is non greasy/shiny. This product was designed to have maximum efficiency per pump, which results in a large scale hold effect that makes it ideal for any hair type and length. All that is topped off with Argan Oil to help keep your hair feeling fantastic as you reach your desired styling outcome.

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  • $17.00

    Its got the firm strength of a hair wax, with a smooth natural finish, and the slick application, and breakdown of a styling cream. This is great for all kinds of styles, both clean and messy and has attributes that all hairtypes can enjoy.

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