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  • grid

      When things need to go according to plan, use GRID, our lightweight, 24-hour setting spray that gets hair in formation. A stand-out finisher with style memory to lay the foundation for long-lasting blow-outs or curling iron sets.

    • GOOD FOR

    Long lasting styles no matter what type of hair you have; moisturizing and nourishing while keeping your style intact.

    • HOW TO USE

    Spray evenly on damp hair, then blow dry. Flat iron or curl if desired. With 450ยบ heat protection. For most-structured results, use only when styling with heat.

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  • mood swing

      Change your hair like you change your MOOD. Designed for curly or wavy hair, this heat-activated, humidity-proofing spray results in a silky blow-out level texture. Due to the heat activated polymers, when applied to hair before blow drying or flat ironing, less heat styling time is needed to achieve desired end look of straightened hair.

    • CLAIMS
      • Decreases dry time by 27%
      • Reduces frizz by 86%
      • Increases smoothness and shine by 73%*

      *Based on a clinical study using heat tools on hair treated with MOOD SWING compared to untreated hair.

    • GOOD FOR

      Sealing in hydration, repelling moisture and providing mirror like shine.

      HOW TO USE

      Apply to damp hair and blow dry.

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